Pappa T loves his sewing machine so much he started a business so he could use it all day long!

In this Textile Collection, you will find a range of hand made quality items made by Pappa T himself.

There will be photographs of items such as those of previously commissioned Quilts that have been

made by Pappa T.

Other textile items will be hearts that you can hang up, use as wardrobe scenters or like your real

one give away to the person you love.

There will also be Squeaky toys for the pets in your life because we all know that

a pet is sometimes more loving and loyal than people so why not give them a “Squeaky Heart”.

There will be Padded coat hangers, table runners and place mats, seasonal

bunting and notice boards to name but a few. Please take your time to

look at the site and hopefully something will be special for you.

If you want any of the larger items that are labelled “Pre Order” then

you will need to contact Pappa T to discuss your requirements like

sizes, colours, fabrics, designs pricing and delivery times etc.

An interesting concept at the moment are “Memory Quilts” where you supply fabrics

that mean something to you or a loved one with the relevant information such as

Christening robes, first school uniform, senior school tie etc and Pappa T will endeavour to work these pieces into the quilts that he makes for you. These memory quilts are a truly amazing way of giving a keepsake that means so much from one person to another.

Please be assured that virtually all the items on this site are Pappa T Originals that are

made by Pappa T himself with love for YOU.

Pappa T will also endeavour to label non-original items on the site but if this is important

to you please do not hesitate to ask.

Do take care,

Pappa T.