Wing-back Fireside Chair


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Re upholstered fireside Wing-back chair

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This chair has been totally refurbished and restored by myself.

This started out as a wing-back chair in a horrible beige and brown cloth material with a badly, hand painted frame that had open joints and uneven legs.

I stripped it down completely, removing the cloth and discarding that then I stripped down the frame, which was not that hard  as the joints were all weak and many open. I continued by stripping off the horrible paint job to return it to the original bare wood frame which I believe to be made from ash wood.

I then spent a lot of time hand sanding the individual frame parts and glued them back together. After a final set of sanding rituals going from a 240 grit sand paper right down to a 800 grit I applied several coats of wax to the frame which was polished between each coat.

Then started the re upholstery aspect of the chair. Apparently I have a subconscious love of purples. Not sure why but my garden has an abundance of dark blues, violets and purples so it makes sense to see the material I have chosen.

I was in the fabric warehouse and with so much fabric to choose from (which I wanted to buy all of it)  I was in a quandary. Would it be a tartan, a brocade, a mixed fibre composite or something else.

I turned the isle and with the sun streaming through a roof light window the shaft of light hit the material you see here.


Now I had to get it bought before my wife saw the price per metre of which I needed 4 metres.

Material bought and in the car we left for home. To this day I am still not sure if she saw the receipt, I hope not….

Prior to cutting the new material I strengthened and tightened the webbing to the under seat and the back panel. I didn’t have to but if a job is worth doing….

The old material was used as a guide to the shapes of the individual panels although my panels were cut a lot more accurate and fit the sponge better.

It was then just a case of simply sewing each piece of fabric, of which there were 17, in place and then hand stitching the cushions to the chair frame.

I do not make these pieces of furniture you see on this site for vast amounts of profit but I do enjoy bringing a piece of furniture back to life in a more contemporary way. I hope you will get at least another 15 to 20 years out of this piece of furniture that I have lovingly brought back to life.

I hope you like it.



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Dimensions 600 x 600 x 1200 cm


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