This is Pappa T’s bit for the environment. With so much going on in the world, the wildlife can and often does take a battering. The wooden products here are hand made by Pappa T as many of the items are on this site. If new wood is used then it is from a FSC registered source and any treatments applied to the wood such as stains and varnishes are all water based and safe to use with the wildlife that is hopefully going to use it.
Some of the products are made using recycled wood and because the wood is usually collected from various sources such as skips where builders might not always be in attendance then the same FSC guarantee cannot be given by Pappa T but the FSC wood is so widely used by builders that you may assume that the wood Pappa T recycles is of FSC supply originally but that cannot be guaranteed by Pappa T.
Any of the plants, cuttings and seeds offered here on this site are from Pappa T’s Garden and as such guaranteed to be 100% organic. Pappa T started gardening with his grandmother in 1963 and she was organic all her life although she never saw it as “being organic” She just knew it produced the best plants and food.
Pappa T continues the tradition and never uses ANY non-organic products…. ever.

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