It is very easy for Pappa T to get carried away with all the different types of candles and fragrances he used to make so he is limiting himself, for now anyway, to the 6 scents listed here. Votive Candles are made with the same high quality waxes, wicks, oils and attention to detail that all Pappa T’s candles are made with so you can be assured that all of the candles listed here are hand made and hand finished by Pappa T himself.
Please be under no illusions when this says “Hand Made”.
The various different waxes are weighed out, put into the melter, melted, the fragrance or fragrances added in the correct measurements, the molds or containers prepared, wicked with the correct one of 150 different types of wick, the wax is poured, allowed to cool, re finished with more wax and then labelled and packaged all by the fair hands of Pappa T.

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