There are many different formulations of wax. Actually there is probably an infinitesimal number of different waxes but for our use Pappa T uses only 1 type of wax, Container Wax.
Container wax has to be held in a suitable container as the name suggests but the reason for this is that when lit a container candle will form a “melt Pool” across the whole of the candle surface. This melted wax is what gives off the abundance of intoxicating fragrance that Pappa T puts into each hand made container candle.

If you light a container candle that IS NOT in a suitable container then there will be no fragrance to smell and the candle will melt very quickly destroying the piece of furniture you have the candle stood on.
PLEASE READ and adhere to the burning instructions information sheet sent with every order or downloadable from the candle site.

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