New and exciting products to come.

We at Pappa T’s Emporium are, at times obsessed with creating and sharing a  very individual  and authentic product experience that is worthy of being in your home or garden.

Pappa T is now an under graduate at The Northern School of Art in Hartlepool and because of this there will be a lot more exciting items on offer as his studies progress.

Items currently under way or at a design stage are furniture items like a  large set of draws that have been stripped back, repaired, painted and then  screen printed with an original Pappa T design. Not only that but the draws will be lined with quilted Habotai silk to add a touch of elegance and protection to your items stored within.

Other ideas at the moment are a series of cushions made from Habotai silk with individual screen printed and embroidered designs of famous landmarks of the world as drawn by Pappa T.

by the beginning of the new year there will be a chaise lounge that has be designed, made and  upholstered by pappa T Himself.

Also there will be a wing-back fireside chair that has been stripped of it’s horrible, horrible hand painted mucky yellow and brown gloss finish to the frame which has also been painstakingly repaired and returned to it’s original ( we believe it is ) ash wood conditioned with 11 coats of premium wax lovingly applied and buffed by hand. The chair has been reupholstered in a bright purple crushed velvet.

Silk scarves , ties and many other items will find their way onto this website over the coming months for your perusal and purchase.

Whilst some of the products on sale at Pappa T’s Emporium are manufactured by others such as the Pen Delfin Rabbits and Ridgeway Pottery for example the main thrust of this site will be hand made one off items for you to cherish.

We do not plan to make large numbers (and we are talking in terms of 10 or more) of the same items such as multiple runs of the cushions etc preferring to offer a limited number of exclusive items so that you can be assured of buying a very limited edition time and time again.

We envisage, for instance making a limited edition run of 10 sets of cushions  made from Habotai silk with designs of famous landmarks from throughout the world such as Big Ben, The Eiffel Tower  or Stonehenge for example. Once these are gone they are gone and should anyone enquire of me to make others then I would politely refuse such is my desire to offer special products for special people.

Do take care,


Pappa T.

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