About Us

We are relatively new at this having started trading in 2013 as PAPPA T’S EMPORIUM but we are not new to providing high quality products having ran CANDLEICIOUS in the early part of this century. As the  name suggests we were purveyors of high quality, hand made, highly scented candles made by Pappa T before he became know as Pappa T.

Pappa T’s mother passed away in 2006 and shortly before this some of the more collectable pieces were given to Pappa T’s wife as she really admired them when her MIL was alive. In the event of a parent passing on, we like alot of other people cleaned out her flat and bagged up her bits and pieces and placed them in a spare room in Pappa T’s house.

When we came to need the room Pappa T was just going to “skip” the bags and boxes until his darling wife, Mamma T decided to offer her “authoritative ” opinion on the subject and save her collections. She decided to look on the internet to see if there were other collectors like her but who may want to have them instead of them being thrown away.

It turned out that virtually everything had a value that made it worthwhile to ask Pappa T to try and sell them to other collectors on a commission basis. Pappa T has agreed to do this.

If you have anything that you would like to offer to Pappa T’s Emporium for sale on a commission basis then please contact Pappa T by email for terms and conditions.

Pappa T’s Emporium is particularly looking for purveyors of high quality hand made soaps to compliment the other products he sells but if you have anything you feel will compliment” The Emporium” then please contact Pappa T by email.

So then here is the latest incarnation of the website  put together by the wonderful, the magnificent, Garthys World

My heartfelt thanks also go to my wife, Mamma T who uploaded all the pictures and descriptions because she has enormous amounts of patience where as Pappa T has, err, non.

At first we thought of this being a kind of 21st century version of your local second hand store that seemed to be on most corners in the 1970’s and 80’s before we, as a society became a more buy cheap, use once, throw away, society.

Since then we have expanded our wares to include a limited range of new hand made products for your home and garden.

As you look around this site you will see a mix of items from those that Pappa T’s mother had like the Ridgeway Pottery to items handmade by Pappa  T such as textiles, candles, furniture and much, much more.

Pappa T’s Emporium are, at times obsessed with creating and sharing individual  and authentic product experiences that are worthy of being in your home and with Pappa T now an under graduate at The Northern School of Art in Hartlepool there will be a lot more exciting items on offer as his studies progress.

Items like a  large set of draws that have been stripped back, painted and then  screen printed with an original Pappa T design. The draws will be lined with quilted Habotai silk to add a touch of elegance and protection to your items stored within.

Other ideas at the moment are a series of cushions made from Habotai silk with individual screen printed and embroidered designs of famous landmarks of the world as drawn by Pappa T.

Silk scarves , ties and many other items will find their way onto this website over the coming months for your perusal and purchase.

Since early 2001, Pappa T has been on a mission to create a world where everyone can embrace their inner love of fine products, many of a collectable or difficult to find nature.

What started as “Candleicious”  a place where you could buy high quality, highly scented candles that were hand made with the best ingredients available in the world has now expanded and morphed into Pappa T’s Emporium.

You might find similar products on the internet but one thing for sure is that you will not find any of those original items that are made by Pappa T himself.

You can shop for a wide range of gifts, home-ware, garden products and functional items for home and work.

Keep calling back as we want to see Pappa T’s Emporium stock continue to expand.